About Anti Dystopia Party

Anti Dystopia is an Irish political party originally founded as Concerned Citizens Challenging Climate Change Catastrophe Consensus to highlight how bad for the environment, personal freedom and the economy policies being implemented to reduce carbon emissions are. Theses policies are part of a broader Dystopian tendency in politics towards a worse world than could be achieved. The policies implemented to tackle COVID-19 in most countries shows that the Dystopian zeal of politicians, mecia and many of the general public are already worse than we thought.

Anti Dystopia Party, Ireland’s newest Political Party


We are heartened that now following Moore’s film, Planet of the Humans, Michael Shellenberger has published Apocalypse never. His explanations of the reasons why the scam is not questioned are enlightening. It is great that some people from the political left now have the courage to tackle this issue. Especially, as those who suffer most from carbon taxes and restrictions on development are the poor.

We have decided to establish a political party and campaign in future elections against the climate policies. No existing political party in Ireland has the guts to take on the ‘Green Blob’, Extinction Rebellion and the child prophet, Greta Thunberg.

We have decided to establish a political party and campaign in future elections against the climate policies.

We will call the party Anti Dystopia Party, to reflect that the underlying motives of the Climate Change Catastrophists seems to be for a worse future for most of the world’s people. They have also embraced over reactions to COVID-19 and cover-ups of cures and relative benefit of lighter touch approach. The main objective is to stop subsidizing actions that destroy the environment proposed by people who claim to be environmentalists.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to help us with the enterprise. 300 members (or one TD) are needed to get the party recognized and named on the ballot paper in elections.

Please contact us if you would like to help establish the party.

Email to ccccccc52@yahoo.com


I care about nature so I vote against the evil Green Party

It is a over a year since I last wrote about the bad effect that fighting climate change has on the environment. Much has happened since, both good and bad.

On the bad side there still seems to be no realization among politicians, journalists and the general public in Europe of how harmful windmills, solar farms, biomass power stations and electric car production are to the environment. The green party has done well in elections and has managed to go into government with the power hungry idiots in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, who agreed to an unobtainable 7% annual decrease in carbon emissions.

But on the positive sides several influential people who were formerly part of the ‘consensus’, now have the courage to speak out against the corruption and stupidity of trying to replace reliable fossil fuel and nuclear power station with dilute renewables.

Michael Moore made a documentary with Jeff Gibbs called ‘Planet of the Humans’ that highlights much of the evil and corruption behind so-called green power. It is sometimes available on YouTube. 

Michael Shellenberger, formerly involved in Obama’s Apollo green energy plan, has published ‘Apocalypse Never’ which brilliantly explains the whole scam and the reasons for it. It is available on amazon and as an audio book from audible.

To educate yourself try to get both. You will be shocked at the lies that the green party are selling and marvel at the idiocy of so many of us who believe the global warming climate change scam.

Windmills cause erosion of hillsides. They and the powerlines to service them are a blight on the landscape and seashore. They kill birds, especially endangered birds of prey, bats, and migratory insects. And for when the wind doesn’t blow they require fossil fuel powerstation backup! The price of power is inflated and is paid for by a regressive PSO (public service obligation), levied at a flat rate the same on small and big users. And not one of the plethora of parties on the left has the guts to speak up against this.

Solar panels are expensive and difficult to dispose of. Thermal solar facilities burn birds on the wing and require plenty of natural gas to keep them idling through the night.

Biofuels are a massive cause on internal air pollution in developing world. Use of wood as a fuel nearly caused the disappearance of  European forests before fossils fuels took over allowing forest recovery. Now forests are being cleared for biomass burning powerstations.

All these so-called renewables require incredible land area that is no longer available for wildlife or growing food. And what effect do they have on carbon emissions? None. It is a pup the greens and their bosom buddies in FF and FG keep on selling us to line the pockets of some of their influential supporters.


Reducing your carbon footprint is harmful to the environment

The recent European parliamentary election had increased support for green parties and other parties that highlight environmental awareness. This would be a great thing if all the policies promoted by these parties were beneficial to the environment. However, one of the biggest green policy platforms which is also promoted by mainstream political parties, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change, is harmful. Reducing your carbon footprint is harmful to the environment.
Windmills are built to generate electricity. They are built on scenic hillsides or coastal areas spoiling the view. They have huge concrete foundations and often harm the sensitive ground on which they are built. Their rotating blades kill numerous birds and bats. They require long powerlines to be built in lowly populated scenic areas further despoiling the landscape. Building windfarms to generate electricity is harmful to the environment.
Solar power generation covers large areas of otherwise useful land with panels that affect wildlife and nearby residents. Solar thermal farms such as the Ivanpah solar power facility focus sunlight from multiple parabolic mirrors onto a steam generation tower. Birds that flies in the heat beam are incinerated in mid-air. Building large scale solar power generators is harmful to the environment.
Biofuels such as wood pellets are used to replace coal in power stations in the UK to supposedly reduce carbon emissions. This assumes the trees are a renewable resource. However, most of the timber cut for the Drax power station is from old growth forests in the south eastern United States. Cutting old forests to feed power stations is harmful to the environment.
Battery powered cars are promoted to reduce carbon emissions. But when you count transmission losses from powerplants and losses from charging and discharging the batteries they use as much energy as cars with internal combustion engines. Lithium ion batteries use large amounts of nickel and cobalt. There are environmental issues with nickel mines in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Russia and the Philippines. There are environmental problems and extensive use of child labour in cobalt mines in the Congo. Choosing an electric car instead of an internal combustion engine car is harmful to the environment.
Carbon dioxide helps plants to grow. Greenhouse farmers often add extra CO2 to the atmosphere in their greenhouses to boost growth rates. The photosynthesis pathway evolved when the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was much higher than it is today. Plants have been starved of CO2 as the concentration of CO2 has fallen over the last few million years. The recent increase of CO2 in the atmosphere has made semi-desert area such as the Sahal on the edge of the Sahara green. Reducing CO2 emissions by taxing carbon is harmful to the environment.
But you have been told that if you do not reduce CO2 emissions the Earth will warm catastrophically. But will it? How strong is the evidence? Based on scientific analysis a doubling of CO2 from 300 to 600 ppm will directly warm the Earth by 0.2-0.8°C. This is much less that the 1.5°C or 2.0°C limit set by global warming conferences in Paris and Kyoto. So why do anything harmful to the environment to prevent this small increase that is more beneficial than harmful? The catastrophic predictions are based on suspect computer models presented by researchers with a vested interest in hyping the issue.
If you want to protect the environment recycle, save energy by insulation, reduce waste and do not pollute the atmosphere or waterways. And especially, do not support windfarms, solar power stations, biofuels, or electric cars as these are harmful to the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is harmful to the environment.