I care about nature so I vote against the evil Green Party

It is a over a year since I last wrote about the bad effect that fighting climate change has on the environment. Much has happened since, both good and bad.

On the bad side there still seems to be no realization among politicians, journalists and the general public in Europe of how harmful windmills, solar farms, biomass power stations and electric car production are to the environment. The green party has done well in elections and has managed to go into government with the power hungry idiots in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, who agreed to an unobtainable 7% annual decrease in carbon emissions.

But on the positive sides several influential people who were formerly part of the ‘consensus’, now have the courage to speak out against the corruption and stupidity of trying to replace reliable fossil fuel and nuclear power station with dilute renewables.

Michael Moore made a documentary with Jeff Gibbs called ‘Planet of the Humans’ that highlights much of the evil and corruption behind so-called green power. It is sometimes available on YouTube. 

Michael Shellenberger, formerly involved in Obama’s Apollo green energy plan, has published ‘Apocalypse Never’ which brilliantly explains the whole scam and the reasons for it. It is available on amazon and as an audio book from audible.

To educate yourself try to get both. You will be shocked at the lies that the green party are selling and marvel at the idiocy of so many of us who believe the global warming climate change scam.

Windmills cause erosion of hillsides. They and the powerlines to service them are a blight on the landscape and seashore. They kill birds, especially endangered birds of prey, bats, and migratory insects. And for when the wind doesn’t blow they require fossil fuel powerstation backup! The price of power is inflated and is paid for by a regressive PSO (public service obligation), levied at a flat rate the same on small and big users. And not one of the plethora of parties on the left has the guts to speak up against this.

Solar panels are expensive and difficult to dispose of. Thermal solar facilities burn birds on the wing and require plenty of natural gas to keep them idling through the night.

Biofuels are a massive cause on internal air pollution in developing world. Use of wood as a fuel nearly caused the disappearance of  European forests before fossils fuels took over allowing forest recovery. Now forests are being cleared for biomass burning powerstations.

All these so-called renewables require incredible land area that is no longer available for wildlife or growing food. And what effect do they have on carbon emissions? None. It is a pup the greens and their bosom buddies in FF and FG keep on selling us to line the pockets of some of their influential supporters.



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